Visa Service

Visa Service

Student Visa

According to the requirements of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, anyone who wishes to come to Canada to attend full-time classes that last 6 months or longer (such as secondary school, university, etc.) must obtain a student visa before coming into Canada. Anyone who wishes to apply for a student visa must satisfy 6 basic requirements:

  • Accepted by a certified Canadian educational institution and provide confirmation of acceptance
  • Proof of financial support
  • A law-abiding citizen
  • In good health condition
  • Proof that they will not stay in Canada beyond the authorized duration after completing their study
  • Enclose all documents required by the Canadian embassy in the application. According to the current application processing time, we suggest students submit their applications at least 3 months prior to the time they are required to be in Canada

Study Permit

Upon arrival in Canada for the first time, an immigration officer will issue the student a study permit, which will be valid only for a certain period of time, at the port of entry. If the student does not finish his or her study in Canada before the expiry of the study permit, he or she must apply for an extension of his or her study permit at least 30 days prior to the expiry date.

Temporary Resident Visa

Except for the study permit, students from certain countries also need to have a valid temporary resident visa to come into Canada (country or territory whose citizens require visas in order to enter Canada as visitors ). To those students, if they leave Canada during the validity of their study permit, and wish to come back to continue their studies, they will need to apply for a temporary resident visa. They will have a choice of applying for a single entry or multiple-entry temporary resident visa.