University Preparation


Toronto International Collegiate offers a variety of Grade 9-12 courses based on the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum. These courses will equip students with essential knowledge and skills to survive in future challenges. In accordance with personal needs, students can prepare themselves for further education in either university or college, or for starting careers right after high school.




Teaching Methods

Our small class sizes improve opportunities for each student to grasp key concepts and receive valuable individual teacher attention.

By assigning and examining homework, we can discover whether or not students understand the material being taught, and therefore we can adjust teaching methods accordingly. We strive to develop students' independent thinking ability, especially their analytical skills. All students are encouraged to prepare ahead of time for their next semesters.





English is quite a challenge for newcomers to junior and senior high school in Canada, especially in speaking and writing.

  • • ESL Level A-EO
  • • Grade 9-12 English
  • • IETLS
  • • TOEFL



  • • Grade 9-11 Math
  • • Grade 12 Advanced Function
  • • Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors
  • • Grade 11-12 Introduction to Computer Science



  • • Grade 9-10 Science
  • • Grade 11-12 Physics
  • • Grade 11-12 Chemistry
  • • Grade 11-12 Biology



  • • Grade 12 Data Management
  • • Grade 11-12 Accounting
  • • Grade 12 Ecnomics



  • • Grade 11-12 Arts
  • • Grade 11-12 Music
  • • Grade 11-12 History


University Preparation Program

This is a one year program designed for those who have either completed a Grade 11 program prior to admission or have met high school graduation requirements but wish to stay in high school for one more year to upgrade their Grade 12 course grades.

In this program, courses will be tailored in accordance with students' university program choices. In addition to regular high school courses, extra help for English language improvement, academic performance improvement, university application counseling and other help is available at any time.


Québec PEQ Immigration

PEQ stands for Québec Experience Program. It is an accelerated program which allows individuals to obtain a Québec Certificate with a view to gaining permanent residence. This program is intended for Québec graduates or future graduates and temporary foreign workers who hold a skilled job and who meet certain conditions, such as demonstrating advanced intermediate knowledge of spoken French. Anyone who is over the age of 17 is eligible to apply, and become a permanent resident as soon as 20 days after graduating from Québec colleges. Here at Toronto International Collegiate, we provide:

  • • French class – Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive a B2 certificate which is accepted by Quebec Ministry of Education.
  • • Guidance through the immigration pathway.


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