After school tutoring

Toronto International Collegiate Professional Training Team

TICollegiate cooperates with Toronto International Collegiate , a professional training team formed by graduates from top universities, specializing in various programs. Our team is full of vitality, creative innovations, and our teachers are experienced in active thinking teaching method. Our team members has obtained a wealth of counseling and teaching experience. We use unique teaching methods to provide high-quality training services to majority of students. More importantly, our services come together with the most well developed educational philosophy. Unlike traditional teacher-centered teaching method or textbook centered strategy, as we focus on teaching children to understand on their own, we understand the difficulties encountered by children in school learning; moreover, we focus not only on answering the questions but developing students' ability to summarize with their own critical thinking.




Teaching Methods

One-on-one personalized teaching is now the most efficient teaching methods. The core of one-on-one teaching is not just teaching; instead, we develop a complete set of individual learning programs tailored according to the individual needs and the school progress and examinations. Students are flexible to choose the subject content and time, especially during the examination period. We will also condcut a pre-study consulting based on the status of individual students.

Teaching in small sized groups is similar as teaching in a class, which is more budget-efficient. Our class size ranges from 2 to 5 students, to not only ensure that each student will grasp the key concept and teacher's attention, but also for parents to save the budget. Moreover, students are encouraged to work harder in the competitive environment when everyone else is striving to be the best.

By assigning and examinating homework, we would know whether the students grasp the content of teaching, and thus adjust the content and focus of teaching accordingly. We aim to consolidate the basic concepts by comprehensively introducing the knowledge; to develop the students' independent thinking ability application skill by working out excercises. It is most efficient for students to achieve higher academic standing by preparing for the next year subjects ahead of time. Students can take advantage of our small group study to learn the knowledge of the next semester. In particular, students who are about to enter grade 12 can take the advantage of our pre-course classes to master the knowledge in advance to achieve academic success at school, which helps students bridge to a desired university program.





English is quite a challenge for newcomers to junior and senior high school in Canada, especially in speaking and writing. Therefore, Toronto International Collegiate has invited a 25-year experience english professor John Blair (a published writer and former president of the Canadian Authors Association, OCT).

We differ from the traditional remedial English tutoring. We focus on accumulating vocabulary in children’s readings, and improve their grammar in creative writings. Our teamwork and discussions create a unique way of critical thinking, and we develop self-expression in children through debates and speeches. Our courses develops professional individual learning plans. We focus on subject individualized tutoring, and we manage teachers in their learning abilities to better help students complete each stage of their learning objectives. We also have classes called homework assistance class each semester. A professional teacher tutors every subject and answers any homework questions that children have. We let the children to reasonable arrange their own tutoring time each week, thus develop their time management skills.

  • • Grade 11-12 English


IELTS and TOEFL are international language tests that many high school students must take in order to apply to university.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

TI Collegiate trains students thoroughly in the four parts of IELTS: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. Take a class with qualified professionals who will share tips and study habits in order to help you get the best possible mark on your test. Study one-on-one or in a small group for best results. Note that IELTS Band 6.5 and up classes are also available for those looking to improve their IETLS scores.


TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

TWe also provide a first-class TOEFL preparation course. Students’ English skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking will all improve through taking this course. Most international students planning to pursue a post-secondary education in Canada or the United States will first need to pass the TOEF test.



The new semester just began, and the students are facing new challenges. How can they quickly enter the mood to get used to the fast learning pace and learn new knowledges? Hanning Edu math synchronization classes help students essentially improve learning ability through the "thinking training", "excercise training". According to the understanding levels of the students, we aim to cultivate students' interests in math by comprehensively combining the thinking ability training and fundemental.

  • • Grade 9-11 Math
  • • Grade 12 Advanced Function
  • • Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors
  • • Grade 11-12 Introduction to Computer Science



Science extends beyond classrooms and laboratories; it surrounds us always. The Internet has a vast number of science resources covering the basics of science, scientific concepts and the latest advances in our knowledge of the world.

  • • Grade 11-12 Physics
  • • Grade 11-12 Chemistry
  • • Grade 11-12 Biology



Business majors have always been a popular program, because of its wide range of employment and relatively high paid job, and white-collar workers and managers working environment. Business is one of North America's most prestigious professional categories, and is the most popular category in North America. It also makes it possible for the business sector in recent years to develop a range of business disciplines, such as finance, management, accounting and so on.

Thus, the threshold to enter into commerce program rises these years. In high school, business courses are less important than math and English, but laying solid fundementals during high school and cultivating a strong interest in business will help students to develop more stably in University. Our lecturers will be comprised of Economics and CFA graduate, to bring you the most professional, most authoritative explanation and guidance.

  • • Grade 12 Data Management
  • • Grade 11-12 Accounting
  • • Grade 12 Ecnomics



True education is the activities deeply from the heart, only from the heart, can move the depths of the soul.—Tao Xingzhi